Melissa Mathews

Media Strategist

Melissa has studied advertising and marketing for over 30 years.  Her interests and training allow her to observe, research, and develop strong marketing campaigns that enable companies to better place themselves within a competitive environment.  When the goals of an organization influence all aspects of the business, a comprehensive plan to improve awareness and end user experience will contribute to company growth. 


Rebecca Metz

Website Development

Rebecca has been developing websites for over 15 years and is a self proclaimed life long learner.  In addition to website design and development, her sales background incorporates sales strategy into the websites she designs.  As a former junior high school teacher and corporate trainer, the element of teaching her clients how to utilize their marketing tools brings her a lot of satisfaction.


Kristina Foster

Senior Consultant

A results driven professional with over 20 years of sales, leadership, and training experience, Kristina specializes in strategic solutions to meet customer expectations. Successful projects begin with the ability to build and measure all aspects of an online or print campaign as relate to client objectives. Google ads performance, website design, search marketing, social networking, and print advertising are only some of the ways she supports client campaigns.


Krista Gargano

Graphics Designer

Krista holds a degree in graphic design from Coastal Carolina University and over five years of professional experience with a focus on branding, print, digital, social media, and publication design.  She enjoys learning and engaging with entrepreneurs, businesses, and creative agencies to develop appropriate imagery for every industry.  Understanding is the cornerstone to accomplish goals, and your graphics should be both mindfully designed and beautifully executed.    


Taha Muneeb

iOS Developer

With a degree in software engineering and an entrepreneurial spirit, Taha is experienced in quality control, iOS and web development.  His expertise range from mobile application development to detailed back end frameworks such as RoR, CodeIgniter, and more.  Ruby, PHP, Python front end, Twitter bootstrap are no problem when generating high-functioning platforms for amazing results.


Naveed Ali

Android Developer

An innovative and result oriented professional, Naveed has years of experience in Android application development.  As an expert software engineer with a business intelligence and analytics background, he has great experience with Smack (XMPP), cloud messaging, Firebase crash reporting and push notifications.  If you can imagine it, we can do it!


Joshua Lloyd

Photography and Film Production

In photography and film production, Joshua works closely with some very interesting people. This affords great opportunity to discover both the strengths and weaknesses of each person he works with. Through this partnership, creative innovation can flourish, and his passion for cutting edge production and development takes form.


Bonnie Daly


Bonnie Daly is the author the recently released Surviving Gretchen, the first book in The Storms of Friendship series, and has also written four other books in the humor genre. For the past several years Bonnie has written comedy for a wide variety of clients--everything from editing books, movie scripts and TV pilots to make them funnier, to creating routines for stand-up comedians, to writing radio commercials and pretty much everything in between. She knows how to help clients achieve their goals by capturing the audience's attention with humor. 


Alexander Hodarev

Creative Concepts & Graphic Design

As a professional image developer and graphics designer, I have more than 6 years’ experience. I am skilled in many applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW, and more. My designs are both intentional and aesthetically crafted for longevity. With such a strong foundation, my experience extends from sketches to ebooks as well. The development of creative logos and difficult press concepts, including book covers and apparel, as well as other projects that may evolve given the most challenging ideation.


Mark Edward Repani

Interactive Design & Web Solutions

As a designer, I seek to fulfill my passion for providing creative solutions across web, print, and interactive media through my expertise in visual communication and graphic design. I enjoy challenges that allow me to utilize my creative talents and skilled training, as well as contribute to my further development in graphic communication and information technology. I am open to all opportunities and I am also a team player who can adjust to any given situation.


Brenda L. Canter

Certified Public Accountant

Brenda is a certified public accountant located in Asheville, who has managed and consulted to the company's endeavors since its establishment.  Those who know her would say that her professional and friendly approach helps clients understand their individual tax positions and want to do much needed tax planning. Brenda is thorough and pleasant to work with and clients look forward to her services.


Aaminah Ali

Content Writer

Aaminah is a software engineer with skills and experience in android development, manual testing and technical writing. She Has worked on different android and web projects. She loves to write and takes pride in it. She thinks hard work and strong determination can do wonders. 


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