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Defining a clear target audience is the first step to implementing a successful marketing plan.  This market definition may or may not be what has previously been assessed.  However, the achievement of your organization’s overall goals relies heavily on the successful communication of benefits to its end user. 

Because your marketing strategy is a significant element within the business plan, it makes sense to outline and implement it congruously.  A decision-focused approach will result in greater success accomplishing goals and developing further opportunity.  AudienceNEXT builds this framework to give you a foundation for stronger marketing decisions and, in turn, a stronger competitive advantage.


Whether the origination of a new program or review of an existing plan, research is necessary to make sure your company is on the right track.  Your marketing campaign must take business objectives, market characteristics, economic indicators, and other components into consideration to ensure success.  Being able to measure and monitor will give your organization a chance to knowingly improve performance. 

Research lends itself to the development of a strategy with clear actions outlined, standards to guide implementation, and ability to respond quickly when a contingency plan is needed.  Designing a marketing plan based on relevant information for your situation will support long-term sustainable growth.  AudienceNEXT can help you examine the current marketplace and future steps to develop a solid plan of augmentation. 



The creation of key verbal, written, or recorded messages in conjunction with the needs and wants of your target audience are crucial to the development of media interaction.  Coverage of your organization’s important milestones, events, and other stories of related human interest is beneficial to the company and its community.  AudienceNEXT has the experience and relationships with print publications, television, radio, outdoor, and online outlets for local, regional, or national conveyance of exciting developments happening within your world. 



In working with the media to manage your placement and expense, we continue a solid relationship and serve as a broker for advertising costs.  Many of these rates are partially absorbed by alternative offerings through AudienceNEXT, and many are minimized with the number of accounts serviced.  Your marketing campaign should be managed on many levels for cost, benefit, and greatest impact.


Monitoring is done regularly, once research methods have been employed, to determine performance of a marketing plan.  All components of the plan must be evaluated both qualitatively and quantitatively for effectiveness.  Determining what this information indicates and analyzing market position contribute to actions needed for reaching annual goals.

The identification of target markets, specifying appropriate channels, and the use of branding are integral to advertising strategy.  Building awareness, interest, and then preference for a good or service are desired effects that follow with a well-written plan.  With these elements, the objective becomes conversion, and loyalty may be achieved among consumers.


Marketing efforts include a much wider range of activities than may be initially conceived.  Promotion, placement, pricing, and product attributes are affected by consumer perception, economic factors, and internal operations.  Opportunities arise and a spectrum of services are needed among dissimilar organizations.  We will support your needs with expo or trade show representation, giveaways, e-commerce support, single event promotion, annual marketing plans, sales staff training, competitive landscaping, price adjustments, and more.

Companies differ in size, event promotions vary in nature, non-profits reflect diverse goals.  As unforeseen necessities become apparent at times, AudienceNEXT will work with your company to create sustainable competitive advantage.

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