At AudienceNEXT, we focus on your business development … from start-ups to expansions and growth plans.  Full strategic media campaigns and negotiated placement for heightened brand awareness.  Measured results for future analysis and adjustment.  Customer service training and program implementation.


Giving Back

Whether it’s mentoring, assisting, or otherwise providing for a good cause, giving back is important in our society. Ultimately, our community IS our end user, and society is necessary for sustainability. Clients of AudienceNEXT also give back to society through contributions, sponsorships and other partnerships with organizations such as American Red Cross, Western North Carolina AIDS Project, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Diana Wortham Theatre, 5 Point Film Festival, Asheville Humane Society, Eblen Charities, ImageSAFE and more.


Many organizations provide their employees with opportunities to continue education, and oftentimes require 20 hours minimum of these credits.  Our accredited resources help you meet these needs with flexible qualifying options for events, classes and conferences throughout the year.


Your employees, vendors, and colleagues are collectively your greatest asset.  Although our days are very busy, it is important to show appreciation for their efforts.  With programs drafted and/or facilitated by AudienceNEXT in accordance with your organizational needs, we all give back!


An engaging speaker that packs social media and marketing content into a fun and interactive experience is a terrific way to give your employees the tools they need to learn:

  • How to build authentic relationships with your brand

  • Where to integrate purposeful technology

  • The five key elements which define your band

  • How to inject who you are into every facet of your business

  • Easy tips to make your website easy and accessible




Provide incentive for your employees and freelancers to develop their organization building skills.  Your dream reward excursion begins from the moment you start planning within your business unit. And what better way to begin than with a team of professionals who have most likely been there, done that, and definitely know how to get you the best experience for your group while staying on task AND on budget. In fact, we promise, "No one can beat our value!" 

Because we are part of a powerhouse in the travel industry, our connections are vast. For you, this means benefits and travel perks. We always have an exclusive booking offer for our customers, whether it's a complimentary spa treatment, free Wi-Fi, or a travel/vacation credit - and those are just a few of the value-added options that can be at your fingertips. 

Whether you're planning an annual conference or your organizational retreat, your experience will be completely hassle-free and tailored to your wants and needs. We are Group Travel Specialists, and we are here to handle every detail. The result is a custom experience designed for your group's professional AND personal needs.

Truth in


Advertising can be truthful. An ethical approach to the implementation of your marketing practices is paramount to sustainable profit. Knowledge of acceptable prize and promotion execution, reporting of research findings, and protection of client privacy are some of the reasons why attention to such detail should be considered when selecting a professional marketing service.

In fact, federal law indicates that all advertising must be truthful, not misleading, and also supported by scientific evidence when appropriate. These practices are relevant, no matter where your marketing efforts are focused. The Federal Trade Commission may file action for immediate and permanent orders to stop scams, prevent falsehoods that may evolve in the future, freeze company assets, and retrieve compensation for victims.


AudienceNEXT provides a marketing management component that directs the organization toward consumer awareness and competitive market position. The strategic implementation of an integrated marketing plan ensures profit maximization and sustainability within your organization.


The Three E’s: A sustainable community requires a balance of resources. The integration of economy, ecology, and equity safeguards long term success. We strive to implement this framework for your organization today to create a prosperous tomorrow!